Profile: Melbourne Watch Co.

Melbourne Watch Co.'s (MWC) founder and owner, Sujain Krishnan, is taking the Australian watch community by storm. The softly spoken, former IT executive, started the company in 2013, having previously owned a small 'hobby' watch business. Since its launch in 2013, MWC has gone from strength to strength - a sign that with a strong vision, some hard work and a product that you believe in, achieving your dream can be around the corner. 

Krishnan's mantra is that you don't need to spend thousands of dollars to own a luxury timepiece, and it's true. Having crowdfunded his first model, the 'Flinders', and kickstarted his second model, the 'Portsea', it is clear that watch buyers agree. MWC's appeal is in its simple, clean aesthetic and the quality of the materials used for the timepieces. 

All models are designed by Krishnan himself and are named after the suburbs of Melbourne and its surrounds. The models all take on characteristics of their names, from the bustling CBD to the ease and elegance of the surf-side suburbs. 

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