Profile: Chris Edwards, Oscar Hunt Tailors

Quick Facts
Who: Chris Edwards
Position and Company: Director at Oscar Hunt Tailors
Locations: Melbourne and Sydney
Founded: 2010
Number of Employees: 17
Company's vision: To be the leading tailor in Australia
Best selling product: Textured navy two-piece suit

1. What's your vision for OHT?
My vision for OHT revolves around a remarkable experience for each and every client underpinned by tailoring of the highest quality and exceptional service.  We will continue to innovate and find ways to deliver an amazing overall product to our clients.  Ultimately, by delivering these remarkable experiences to each client that walks into our showroom, we will be a truly unique and special tailoring house.

2. How do you, as a Director and owner, create a culture within the workplace to deliver that vision?
As a team we have set the values by which we live and breathe.  We talk about these values in weekly meetings and we celebrate moments when these values are brought to life.  We have clean lines of communication throughout the company with the goal of making sure that each individual member (or team), should they encounter an issue (or something that may impede their ability to deliver on their particular goals), it can quickly and easily be resolved.  We also have a passionate team that truly appreciates the value of a great fitting suit.

3. What do you enjoy most about your role?
I enjoy working with an amazing group of people.  I enjoy watching our clients stand a foot taller in their new MTM suit.  I enjoy creating relationships with our clients and becoming a part (even if it is a small one!) of their life when they look to all things style and lifestyle.  I enjoy the opportunities that are present in the world of tailoring and I enjoy being at the forefront of made-to-measure tailoring in this country.  

4. What does the next 12 months look like for OHT?
The next 12 months will focus largely on our new showroom in Sydney.  We opened the showroom in September last year and we want to really start to create the types of relationships with clients there like the ones we have here in Melbourne.

5. How critical was networking when you started OHT?
It was everything.  In a lot of ways, it still is.  Some of our best clients, partners, team members and mentors have come by way of networking.  It is a great way, particularly as a young business, to help grow a business and learn from those who have sailed the same waters previously.

6. Suitably Connected aims to raise awareness and funds to help men trying to find confidence to get employment, why does this resonate with you?
Firstly, OHT is in a unique position to help (by way of donating clothes), and we have seen first-hand the up-tick in confidence that a fitted suit can give.  Secondly, I believe that all businesses should be heavily involved in social enterprises and work towards helping those around us.  On a personal level I hope to one day be far more involved (in what capacity I am uncertain) with social work and using the skills that I have learned on this journey to help others.

7. What's your next m2m outfit going to be?
Very good question!  It will likely be a dark brown, with a lighter brown pin, in a flannel cloth,  from Dormeuil.  It will be a double-breasted suit with wide peak lapels, designed for the oncoming Melbourne chill.  Iā€™m also looking at a denim-coloured cotton fabric for a light-weight suit as I may be heading over to Italy in a couple of months.