Scorsese, Style & Masculinity

De Niro in Taxi Driver to Di Caprio in The Wolf of Wall Street, Scorsese's men have a habit of becoming unexpected style icons, with the director often using clothes and styling as indices of power, excess and, of course, masculinity. As part of the 2016 Festival of Steve and in celebration of SCORSESE, join a special panel of guests as they explore the inherently masculine style and substantial stylistic influence of the master filmmaker.

Exploring the recurrent figure of the male-in-crisis throughout Scorsese’s career, this talk will also focus particularly on the archetype as it appears in his films of the late 70s and early 1980s, examining how the prominence of this figure reflects both broader cultural trends in the post-Vietnam War era and Scorsese's own particular fascination with masculinity on-the-edge.

Hosted by Steve Colquohon, Editor of Executive Style, the panel of speakers will include writer, academic, broadcaster and filmmaker Josh Nelson, local designer Dom Bagnato, stylist Sally Mackinnon and ACMI Film Programmer James Nolan.

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Copy and image via ACMI